Field Guide

Field Guide was born out of necessity - we found that while running many research sessions, that the tooling was largely duct-taped together. We had to use so many different products to try and make a full solution. I wanted to fix this, so I hacked together a simple iOS app (download it) that would take any prototype (InVision, Marvel, Framer) and screencast it to a desktop computer.

That was the first step, the next was to give this POC some meat, something that would make it a lot more valuable. We decided that qualatative research was something that was lacking in the user research space. Quantitative research is already an established practice, but it lacked answer to why users did the things they did - were they scared of the button they didn’t press, did they misunderstand the copy? 

Field Guide aimed to be the vehicle to get those questions answered.

After speaking to dozens of product companies and design agencies, we realized there was a significant need for teams who want to do research but dont know how to start. This informed where our efforts would go, and who we would try to attract - users who were new to research and wanted to be educated on how to do it properly.

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Create a report

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