Natural Markets

Eaton Centre, bottom floor. Toronto, Ontario

The menu's

Natural Markets food court was an interesting undertaking - we were charged with creating all the digital menu's and kiosks within a space that had some 8 different restaurants. The challenge was that each venue had its own quirks and menu structure, so we had to create what was essentially a framework to support all the different permutations of menu combinations. We did many revisions, as you'll see below, but I think the final design was pretty sharp.

The kiosk

The next piece we were tasked with was creating a self order kiosk. The kiosks would follow the design language pioneered in the Digital Menu's, which is why they changed a fair bit over the course of the project.

Kiosk motion study's


The tree

Finally, they wanted an art piece to bookend one of their hallmark areas in this new food court - the children's area. They wanted something that spoke to their local vibe, while being fun and encompassing the brand's values.

I came up with this farmers crate tree they could build, it spoke to their need for local, it looked really interesting, and it could be a beacon for their brand in any other store. After our Industrial Designer and an outside contractor feverishly whipped this up, below is what we have to show for it.