Projected Fantasy Sports

Projected is a fantasy football platform that leans on the age old question of who to start or sit every week. Fantasy players are wrought with this question every week, generally taking polls from their friends - so we've made it easier for them by creating a community of fantasy football players who vote on your particular starter qualms every week.  It's been painted as Tinder for married people.

Check out the Framer Prototype (optimized for iPhone 6), it captured things a little better than static images.


Sports specific alternates - NFL, NHL, NBA


The App

Vote on other people's ballots to help the figure out who to start

See how the community has voted on your ballots 

We evaluate all each users picks ever week and rate them - if you did well your votes count for more in the following week

Get extended stats on every player. Yea, I like OBJ

Select players from your Yahoo Fantasy roster and send them to the community to help decide who to start

Apple Watch