The cocktail broken down graphically

Posted on by David Stubbs

For some time, I've been attempting to craft some delicious cocktails with the help of the best alcohol in the world - Gin. I started thinning about the composition of a cocktail and more importantly the breakdown of how a cocktail tastes. I realized a cocktail can be broken down into 3 distinct phases - the Initial taste, the Body and finally the Aftertaste. With that I also broke down the main flavours one would taste into Savoury, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy. Below is an example of how I breakdown the tried and true Gin + Tonic.

You can see the flow and intensity of each taste denoted by the size and placement on the timeline. The Gin + Tonic (mostly) starts off with a sweet taste, then flows into a more bitter/sweet and finished off nicely with a light bitter aftertaste.