The Golden Tea Leaf

Posted on by David Stubbs

In my standard lazy sunday routine I generally pour myself some sort of libation, could be a Balvenie Double Wood, perhaps a Greenhooks Gin and Tonic, and even the incredibly rare (in Canada) Voyant Chai Liqueur has made its way onto my sunday rounds. Today I felt like trying something different, something I assume has never been mixed before and thus decided to name it myself.

The Golden Teal Leaf

    • 1oz Tomr's Tonic Concentrated Elixir 
    • 3oz Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey (the best one)
    • 2oz  Ungava Dry Gin
    • a few drops of Vanilla Extract
    • a dash of Nutmeg

    It had a surprisingly bold Gin body, with a nice smooth vanilla aftertaste; the Nutmeg seemed to help quell the overbearing tendency of the vanilla. while giving it a pleasant spice taste throughout. Give it a go, and thank me later.