My First Foray Into CSS3

Posted on by David Stubbs

In my past life, when I was starting my career in design, I was something of a CSS maven. Over the past 5 years though I had strayed away from the web as a whole because I was working primarily on applications, specifically windows based applications, so unsurprisingly I lost the touch I once had.

Recently though, I wanted to get back into the world of web and get a handle on the new hotness that is CSS3 and HTML5.  Problem was I really had no idea where to start, but thankfully with some help from @zakkain it seems it wasn't so hard to jump back in. Below is the result of some tinkering and experimentation with CSS3 buttons and transitions (animations will be the next hurdle).

See the Pen Button Fill Animation by David Stubbs (@davekilljoy) on CodePen